Things to Know

• The Glamping is adults only.
• Inside the Yurt smoking is forbidden and shoes are not allowed.

• Each Yurt has total privacy but they are quite close. Please consider that to respect the calm of the location.
• To reach us you must have a car.
• You have to drive 1,3 km on a dirt road that can be quite rough at some points; if you have a sports car or one with a low ground clearance you’ll need to drive slowly.
• “Countryside” is synonymous with peace and relax but also with work in the fields.
• “The Nature” brings out magnificent sensations…but don’t forget that there’s no real Nature without small animals. After all, we are guests in a kingdom already inhabited and which 2 Cuori e 1 Yurta has chosen to respect not using any chemical disinfestation. If you get scared seeing an insect, this probably isn’t the right place for you.
• Depending on the wind, sometimes you might hear noise from the Siena-Bettolle road far away.
• Animals: to our deep regret, we cannot accommodate them since the Yurts are a set of sheets, fabrics and carpets…but we are working on the “Woof Yurt”.

What to bring
• Socks (non-slip even better) or Slippers to use inside the Yurt
• Pool Shoes
• Swimwear
• Sleep Mask if in the morning the sun becomes annoying