The Glamping Resort

Do you know what Glamping is?

The word “Glamping” is a portmanteau of GLAMOROUS and CAMPING and usually it indicates a luxury camping.

We prefer to call it a classy accommodation in a bucolic setting. It can be a tent, a barrel, a bubble, a cube, you name it…as long as the accommodation is original and offers the same facilities as any high-class hotel.

«2 Cuori e 1 Yurta» will accommodate you in the queen of all tents, the «Yurt»; majestic, suggestive and solid as a rock.

Whether it’s rainy or sunny, cold or hot…you can sleep in the Yurt under any weather condition while enjoying maximum comfort. Check out «Hospitality» in the menu bar to find out everything about our Yurts.


This is a purely commercial decision based on an important reflection. As far as we’re concerned, it’s difficult to reconcile family vacations with couples/friends vacations.


Yurts are dwellings originally from Central Asia used as a portable house by the nomads in the area. They are made of a wooden framework which gives them their characteristic round shape and which is covered with a natural fabric to insulate them against the cold weather and the strong winds from the Steppe. The type of Yurt you will find in our Glamping resort is from Mongolia. These beautiful «houses» are actually called «Gers» and have two central poles and a big skylight which will allow you to admire the stars from any part of the room.

They represent more than just a simple shelter; they are temples full of history and tradition and have a great symbolic value. Just think that to enter you had to follow this ritual: start with your right foot crossing the threshold and then sit down without passing in the middle of the two central poles that symbolize the bond between heaven and earth.

With the European reinterpretation, they have definitely lost a lot of their origins, especially since they needed to be adapted to the standards for comfort requested by the tourism market, but they certainly haven’t given up on their old charm and splendour. It’s also quite reductive to call them “tents” because with all the space, the en suite bathroom and every other facility inside of it, you can really live there as in a real apartment.